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  1. The chicks that I got from you in Sept. are doing jätte bra! They are much more active and better foragers than my other chickens. Thirteen survived. I have 8 roosters and 5 hens. I need to reduce the number of roosters and would prefer to send them to other homes rather than the freezer. I can send you pictures if you would like. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to new homes for my roosters. Tack så väldigt om. Michael Strömberg

    • Hejsa 😀 So happy the chicks did and are doing well. Sorry you lost one. I have just rehomed a number of my import roosters (16 of 24 turned out to be boys… =O ) so unfortunately I don’t know of anyone at the moment that is looking for roosters, but if I hear something I’ll let you know. I’d love to see pictures of the birds though, I’m excited to see how they’re turning out, I bet they are beautiful! 😀

      • My chickens are doing very well and I really enjoy them.I have raised a couple of batches but would like to add some new blood to the line I have which were from your original pair. I would like to get another rooster or two, but could also get some chicks or eggs if you have any of those available or can refer me to another source.

      • I am thrilled to hear that your chickens are doing well! Your timing couldn’t have been better. I only hatch eggs once or twice a year and right now I have 4 stunning cockerels available (hatched March 30) that are from my Húsatóftir import so they are unrelated to your current line (Hlésey) and would be ideal fresh blood for your line. I need to let them go soon because one has started crowing but I’d be happy to let you have first pick. If you’re interested, email me at to set up a time.

  2. Just checking in to see if you would have or know of anyone with Icelandic chicks available? Please let me know. Thanks, Paul

  3. Hello My name is Charlie i an interested in your Icelandic chickens to start a flock do you have 1 rooster and 2-3 hens or chicks a and price thank you as my Ancestry is Denmark and Scotland .

  4. My “Icelandic” flock is doing great! They continue to lay eggs in spite of the cold weather and short days. Our roosters are super alert and protective which allows me to let them roam free in the surrounding woods and yard on some days in spite of the local coyotes. I haven’t lost a single Icelandic chicken to them. I plan on hatching another batch of eggs just after the holidays. The two roosters that I got from you earlier this year are also doing well. One ended up being a hen. Their addition will definitely help my flocks bloodlines… Thanks! Tack så väldigt mycket!!!

  5. The Húsatóftir rooster and hen that I got from you are with my Hlésey flock as planned. However I am wondering if I should keep them separate so as to keep both bloodlines separate. What do you think? I thought to mix the two groups which would make my Icelandics more diverse. My goals are to maintain a healthy pure flock of Icelandics. Several people have contacted me for chicks or eggs, but I have been reluctant to part with any and worry about whoever I pass the eggs or chicks onto not maintaining the integrity of the lines that I have gotten from you. I would appreciate your thoughts and advice. Thanks, Mike Strömberg P.S My flock is doing well and I am so happy to have them. They are a pleasure for sure.

    • Hejsa Michael–I think mixing the two lines will give you a lot of diversity and a lot of color! So glad you’re enjoying them, it’s lovely to hear from you, sorry for the slow reply, we’re about to have our second baby so things have been hectic 🙂

  6. Can you provide me with an email address for Johanna in hlesey, Iceland. I found her web site, but it is mostly her language, She dies speak english. She is an artist, as well as a icie breeder. I would really like to contact her, but don’t know how. I understand this may not be enough information.

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