Description of the general characteristics of the Icelandic Chicken as adopted by ERL (The Icelandic Chicken Owners and Breeders Association of Iceland) on March 2, 2013


1. Small head size relative to body size.  Beak is broad and short and the tip curves downward.  Crests of varying sizes are common.

2.  Variety of combs including single comb (straight or lopped), rosecombs, and other combs.

3. Earlobes are white or cream-colored (light yellow).

4. Cocks have long wattles.  Hen wattles vary in size.

5. Eyes are yellowish-green, yellowish-brown, or orange

6. Short and thick neck.

7. Compact body with a short back, tapers to the rear.  Dome-shaped breast.  Typical weight for mature hens is 3 to 3 ½ pounds (1.4 – 1.6 kilos) and for mature cocks 4 ½ to 5 ¼ pounds (2.1 – 2.4 kilos).

8. Feathering is dense and smooth.

9. Wings are broad and short, tapering back toward the rear.

10. Tail sits high and is very mobile.  Cocks have long and well-curved sickle feathers.

11. Color pattern variety is vast.  All colors are permitted.

12. Legs are long and come in many colors.

13. Hens typically have small spurs.  Cocks have long, upturned spurs.

14. Foot has four toes.  Back toe is located slightly on the inside of the foot.

15. Clean shanked.  (Clear of all leg-feathering).

Behavioral Characteristics

1. Friendly, curious, and independent.  Has a stable temperament.

2. Hens readily go broody and have strong mothering instincts.

3. Character and personalities vary between birds.

4. Both males and females have good fertility.

*Updated March 9, 2014


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