New Pictures of our Icelandic Chicken Flock

Here are some pictures of the full grown chickens from our imported Icelandic chicken flock.  You may see our two brown-egg layers in there as well, a Jersey Giant and a Silver Laced Wyandotte that supply eggs for our breakfast table.  We chose brown egg layers so there would be no risk of confusion with the white and cream Icelandic eggs.

February 23, 2013 imports 2

Álfur is a Húsatóftir boy with a comb that looks like a mix between a rosecomb and a double comb.February 23, 2013 imports

The boy in front is Klaki, another Húsatóftir cock with a big single comb and a lovely light buff color.February 23, 2013 Nýmus

Nýmus is a second-generation silver wheaten Hlésey cock.February 24, 2013 imports

Roði the Húsatóftir boy to the far left and Erna, the light speckled hen in the back have found a home with author Harvey Ussery in Virginia.  The buff columbian is a Húsatóftir lady with green legs named Bína and the buff and blue mille fleur on the right is a Húsatóftir hen named Birta.

February 27, 2013 import group

There is no shortage of blue in our flock.

July 21, 2013 -- Import flock

The Húsatóftir boys work together to take care of their ladies.July 21, 2013 import flock 1

Our Húsatóftir cocks get along very well and are caring and dedicated flock protectors and providers.July 21, 2013 import flock 2

Birta the Húsatóftir mille fleur.

July 21, 2013 import flock 3

Skráma, the blue hen standing between the two cocks, is from the Hlésey line.Klaki June 2013

Klaki has a lovely cream color on him.Klaki June 2013

He is a bit of a poser.Kara in March 2013Kara, a buff columbian Hlésey hen.

Aska Rós March 2014

Aska Rós is a creasted and rosecombed Húsatóftir lady.